Cookie Decorating Classes

Join our Cookie Decorating Classes to unleash your creativity and learn the secrets of transforming simple cookies into stunning masterpieces. Whether you’re a baking enthusiast, a parent looking for a fun activity with your kids, or someone eager to impress with homemade treats, this class is perfect for you!

Upcoming Classes:

Get ready for Spring with these garden & Easter designs

Dates Available: Apr 7, Apr 21, Apr 28 2024

Spring Cookie Decorating Class

Previous Classes:

Adorably sweet cookie designs to make any Valentine/Galentine’s special

Dates: Jan 28, Feb 3, Feb 9 2024

Galentine’s Cookie Decorating Class

Festive holiday designs, including a cookie design inspired by the iconic Swedish flag water tower in Andersonville, Chicago

Holiday Cookie Decorating Class

Have you ever marveled at beautifully decorated cookies, thinking, “I wish I could do that”? Well, good news – you absolutely can! Decorating cookies is an art form that anyone can master with a bit of practice and some foundational knowledge. Some things you’ll learn in our class:

  1. Importance of icing consistency & piping techniques
    • Cookie decorating doesn’t have to be intimidating. Begin by familiarizing yourself with basic techniques like outlining, flooding, and piping. These fundamental skills are the building blocks for more intricate designs.
  2. Helpful tools to make decorating easier
    • While you don’t need a vast array of tools to start, a few essential tools can open up a world of creative possibilities.
  3. Learn the Art of Royal Icing:
    • Royal icing is the magic potion for cookie decorators. Learn to make and work with royal icing – it’s versatile, dries beautifully, and allows you to create intricate designs. Experiment with different consistencies for outlining, flooding, and detailing.
  4. Explore Colors and Textures:
    • Get playful with colors! Learn the basics of color mixing to create a palette that suits your style. Additionally, explore different textures using various icing tips to add dimension and interest to your designs.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice:
    • Like any skill, practice is key. Start with simple designs and gradually challenge yourself with more complex patterns. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – they’re part of the learning process.