About Me

A mom of three, a baker & a digital marketer. I used to tell everyone I had no artistic abilities but have realized that my artistry actually comes in the form of baking & sculpting with sugar. I’ve been practicing & perfecting the sculpture of cake for the last 10 years in my home & I especially love making my kids birthday cakes.

Zackary, Abigail & Willow are 9, 6, & 4 years old. In our house, we celebrate “birthday season” since the kids have their birthdays 2 weeks apart from end of December to mid January. It’s a very busy time for me as each kid has their own favorite characters each year. I personally strive to top the cake the year before and of course impress my kid’s friends & their parents.

Originally from New York City, I have been living in Chicago since the time I drove a one-way car rental immediately after college graduation. My original intentions were to live in Chicago for a few years & eventually migrate to the West Coast. My plans changed after I met my future husband at my first corporate job. He then became a Chicago firefighter, we got married, had 3 children & fast forward to present day & 15+ years in Chicago.

Since the time I was able to use an oven independently, I’ve always enjoyed baking. I remember constantly walking back & forth to the local convenience shops/delis for baking ingredients & tools because I was always trying different sweet treat recipes to share with friends at school. At one point, I remember the oven stopped working midst baking & I somehow finished baking the cupcakes with the toaster oven! I’m pretty sure I tested the Easy-Bake oven method way before it even existed.

I didn’t start my cake-art journey until cake reality shows became popular in 2009. I have no culinary school or commercial kitchen experience but was inspired & awed by possibilities of replication of any object with cake & sugar. Since then, I started doing my own trials & mostly errors in an attempt to make “amazing cakes.” Over the years, I’ve had lots of practice & have made many cakes for friends & family. With each cake delivered, I am looking for the wow factor.