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New Baking Assistant Named Eddie

Eddie changed the baking game

“I don’t like the look of printed cookies & don’t need to buy a food printer.” – Anna (circa 2021)

So I ate my words! Like I can literally also print my words on a cookie & eat it. 🤣 Turns out having a food printer in my baking arsenal not only saved time but elevated my treats to a whole new level.

Did I already tell you that I was a former marketer & how following brand guidelines has been embedded in my brain?! With the addition of a food printer, I can be sure to match brand colors, fonts & logos with confidence and best of all, with ease.

Why Primera Eddie?

With a ticket price of $3k, I had a really hard time justifying the big expenditure especially as a part-time baker. Then I decided I was going to make the investment but also ensure that it paid for itself with holiday orders. After 1000+ macarons & cookies printed in over 120 holiday gift boxes & probably more than a full week of baking, decorating, packing & shipping, Eddie was paid off in one massive order!

Over 2 years later, the Eddie edible printer from Primera Technologies has been an invaluable asset to my baking business, revolutionizing the way I create and customize treats. This remarkable tool has enabled me to effortlessly print intricate designs, logos, and personalized messages directly onto cookies and small treats, bringing a new level of creativity and personalization to my products.

Learning curve & tray creation

With any new machine, there is a learning curve. The complication was not necessarily plugging in the printer & sending a print to it but figuring out the image editing software template & alignment. My biggest struggle in the beginning was figuring out exactly where to place the cookie so it would print in the right place. Out of the box, the printer leverages a roughly 2.5″x1.5″ “tongue” where the cookie is placed to print from. As you can imagine, this isn’t much surface area to hold a cookie securely.

This is where 3rd party cookie trays come into play. At the time, the available options were not to my liking and because I owned a 3D printer, I decided to design something that was super easy to use… a single piece tray with an erasable surface for perfect cookie alignment every time. When it comes to 3d models, I fully believe in the creative community so made the STL file available for free on Thingiverse. A few months after uploading, I realized that it was more accessible for some to be able to purchase the physical tray so have been selling them in my online shop & Etsy in addition to sharing the free file.

Once I started using my tray, it made printing with Eddie a breeze because all I needed to do was format & position the image using the image editing software (I primarily use Bartender) and then test print directly onto the tray so I knew exactly where to place the cookie.


Around early 2022, there were not many tutorials/videos available to learn all the cool ways to use the Eddie so really it’s been mostly trial & error. Primera sponsors & administers a Facebook group but unfortunately, it felt like a vendor sales portal rather than a learning community so I had left it. Fortunately an “unofficial” Facebook group was created & it has been a great community where fellow bakers share their cool creations as well as help each other with best practices & tips. I’ve since found that I enjoy sharing tutorials as well as my process. Therefore, 2024 is the year I will be creating & sharing YouTube videos consistently for all to learn.

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