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A New Year of Cake Blogging

Santa Cookies Tree

2020 will be the year that I plan to explore the art form of caking while finally sharing it with all of you. In the past, the focus was primarily on the final presentation of the cake & then delivery to friends & family. I’ve never been great at sharing my process or techniques mainly because I spent too much time being a perfectionist & nitpicking every detail.

However, when recently trying to find cake ideas & techniques from other bakers across the web, I was unable to find what I was looking for and ended up doing experimentation to come up with my own approach & styles. In doing so, I’ve realized that I enjoy the challenge of creating unique cake designs that are uncommon or never been done. I hope to share these ideas with everyone & give back to the online baking community one post or video at a time.

Nightmare on Elm Street Halloween Cake: inspired from my favorite Krueger “kill” scene

I have recently started to record the making of cakes and spending hours on iMovie editing on my phone to turn them into time-lapse videos. (Mostly because of 1-minute video playback limit on Instagram posts). Surprisingly, the finished product/videos are fun to watch & I somehow can find myself watching them on loop (like I don’t know how they will turn out!).

This video shows buttercream decorating technique with gumpaste “water waves” effect

So welcome and thank you for joining me on my cake journey! I hope you will enjoy my posts & apologize in advance for my terrible writing. Please feel free to leave me comments on cakes you’d like for me to explore & share.

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Matt Cardoni
Matt Cardoni
4 years ago

Excellent!! So happy to see you doing a blog! I love the video and your choice of cakes to spotlight.


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