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A sample of cakes over the years.

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About Me

A Mom

I'm a mom of 2 adorable sweet young kids who have inspired & challenged me to make the best cakes for their birthdays.

A Baker

I've always loved baking & have been doing it even as a kid. And it is very important to me that my food not only looks amazing but needs to taste just as delicious.

A Crafter

I wouldn't say that I am an artist but rather a fine crafter of edible delicious & sweet creations. I really enjoy molding art with my hands & especially being able to see people devour it.

An Online Marketer

My day job is all about getting people to websites via eMarketing so I hope you've found me easily.

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Partner Organizations

Organizations to which that I actively donate cakes.

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Contact us

Please feel free to leave any comments or if you'd like to put in an inquiry for a cake.